Veterinary Services

Our wide-range of services allow us to better serve the needs of pets from across the region. Whether you stop by for a routine wellness visit or require assistance with dental care, nutritional counseling, soft-tissue surgery or anything else, you’ll find exactly what you need when you visit us at Shelton Veterinary Hospital.

Our state-of-the-art veterinary services delivered at competitive prices keeps local pet owners coming back to Shelton’s Veterinary Hospital time and time again!

Please expand the service title tab to read more about each and feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

Bringing your pet to see us regularly is a crucial part of preventative health care. By visiting us at routine intervals to check on your pet, we can detect many conditions before they arise or become problematic. This includes heart diseases, dental diseases, diabetes, cataracts, arthritis, spinal issues and more. You may be surprised at how many issues can be prevented easily and in a cost-efficient manner by making a habit of visiting. Our veterinarians and staff truly believe that the best and most effective type of pet care is preventative, so we encourage you to stop by soon!
Shelton Veterinary Hospital is proud to have a modern, in-house diagnostic laboratory on-site. This allows us to run routine blood tests, fecal and urinary analysis, microscopic cytology and more in a rapid and efficient manner. Gaining immediate results and diagnostic insights into the health of your pet allows us to facilitate accurate and rapid treatment plans. Rather than sending results to an off-site location where they can take days and even weeks to process, we aim to get you results as quickly as possible by leveraging our diagnostic laboratory directly on-site at Shelton Veterinary Hospital.
This technology lets us obtain high-definition X-rays, which can be a critical diagnostic tool when it comes to a variety of conditions. From something as simple as coughing to detecting heart disease and a wide-range of other disorders, this service goes beyond ultrasound to achieve unparalleled insight into the overall health and well-being of your pet.
Some issues can’t be resolved with nutrition or medicine. In these cases, our highly-skilled veterinarians are prepared to perform soft tissue surgery ranging from spays and neuters to bladder stone removal, lump removal and more. During these procedures, each patient is monitored in real-time, allowing us to achieve instant insight into oxygen levels, blood pressure, respiratory rate and temperature. Our care and attention allow us to drive successful outcomes when it comes to soft tissue surgery, but please note that these appointments must be booked in advance.

Ongoing oral hygiene is an important practice and can also be an accurate indicator of overall health. We encourage pet owners to brush their pet’s teeth and to also administer dental chews. There are times however when a patient may require on-site dental care, so we are equipped to work with issues like a fractured tooth, tooth root abscess, extraction and more. If you notice that you pet is having trouble chewing, eating, swallowing or is displaying discomfort, this could be a dental issue. Pets also often work to avoid showcasing signs of pain, so it’s important to pay close attention if you notice any abnormal behaviors in your pet.

Heartworm disease is easily preventable, but if left untreated can be deadly. We recommend year-round preventative treatment be administered to your dog or cat. Additionally, since fleas and ticks carry a wide-range of life-threatening issues, we also recommend year-round flea and tick control. Please ask us about this service as we’re happy to review your pet’s health history to decide which solution will be best for them.
Vaccinations fall into the category of preventative health care. We always tailor our approach to your pet’s overall situation and take a close look at their previous vaccination history to determine the best approach for them moving forward. If your pet hasn’t been vaccinated in recent memory, we encourage you to bring them in so we can assess what their vaccination needs may be.
Just like us, pets require a steady diet of nutritious food to ensure they look and feel their best.

However, nutritional needs can be confusing. You know this especially if you’ve heard of Gluten free diets, Raw food diets and others. Different pets will require a different diet, depending on their life stage, preference and other factors. We can help you to identify the preferences of your pet and which dietary preferences will work for them best.

If you notice a change in the diet of your pet, including a suppressed appetite or overeating, please let us know. Our veterinarians and staff are happy to check on your pet and help to determine which diet will be the best for them moving forward.

Unfortunately, countless pets from across the country are lost or stolen every year. Even more unfortunate, is the fact that many of these scenarios are actually preventable with the right approach. Microchipping allows your pet to be fitted with a tracking device which is actually smaller than a grain of rice. Application of the microchip is painless and allows pets to be tracked in a national database. If your pet ever goes missing, this national database can then be used directly to identify the missing location of your beloved pet.

We highly recommend taking this pro-active step to better ensure the long-term safety and protection of your pet. Please ask us about this service during your next appointment, and we’ll be happy to answer any and all questions that you may have.

Once in a while, it’s time to get away. Whether you’re leaving for a few weeks or a long weekend, be sure to ask us about our boarding services. We’re proud to offer you our large boarding facility with 31 spacious runs for pets. We know that having a safe and secure location to send your pet while you’re away can help you to achieve peace of mind during your vacation, so that’s just what our boarding services aim to achieve. We’re also happy to give your pets personalized attention while you’re away to ensure they stay happy and healthy during your trip. Additionally, if your pet has any specific preferences, treats, toys or other needs, we’ll be happy to attend to these as well. Simply let us know before your trip and we’ll make sure that your pet is completely taken care of!

While Shelton Veterinary Hospital is able to see your pet during our normal operating hours, we refer to a local Emergency Clinic for after-hours, weekend and holiday care. For your convenience, you can find their contact information below:

Pet Emergency Clinic of Pitt County
3210 South Evans St
Greenville NC, 27834

Weeknights: 6pm-8am
Weekends and Holidays: 24 hours

Phone: (252) 321-1521
Click for directions on Google Maps

We are also proud to offer comprehensive boarding services with 31 spacious runs for pets who require care and attention while you’re away.

From all of us here at Shelton Veterinary Hospital, we’re thrilled that you’ve selected us as your veterinary destination of choice.
If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (252) 792-2808 or simply stop on by!