Delivering excellent veterinary care is what we do best

Our veterinarians and staff revolve their care around three central principles. By bringing care, compassion, and professionalism to each patient interaction, we ensure a smooth visit that will leave your pet feeling both happier and healthier than when they first arrived.

We invite you to learn more about these cornerstones and what they mean to us below. We encourage you to call the hospital with any questions that you might have at (252) 792-2808.


Just like people, your pet can feel when you care for them more gently and mindfully. We bring this approach to our visit with your pet, ensuring they are comfortable, handled gently and provided with a calm atmosphere throughout their appointment. Whether it’s through comforting words or an extra treat, we put as much care as possible into each visit. We feel that pets notice the difference when they’re treated this way and will likely experience less apprehension during their next visit. We bring care to each moment of patient care at Shelton Veterinary Hospital!


Our compassionate approach is something that pets notice as soon as they enter our facility. We believe in treating your pets as if they were our own and take an empathetic approach whenever possible. This allows us to listen to the needs of your pet more closely and intently, ultimately resulting in more successful care and patient outcomes. Our staff and veterinarians always utilize a compassionate approach, leading to a more pleasant and successful experience for both you and your pet.


Whether it’s greeting you warmly when you enter or staying late to answer any questions that you have, we bring professionalism and our utmost best to each day at Shelton Veterinary Hospital. Our veterinarians have received extensive training from veterinary institutions from across the country and bring this knowledge and skillset to each patient interaction.

We’re thrilled that you’ve selected our animal hospital as your primary destination of choice and honor this decision by bringing excellence and professionalism to you and your pet each time you visit.

You can reach us over the phone at (252) 792–2808, but please note, we do not book appointments in advance.
We do happily accept walk-ins, so stop on by when you’re ready to see us next!